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Glopick Bestsellers Aging Duo Kit

Glopick Bestsellers Aging Duo Kit

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Experience Our Best-Selling Skincare Products in One Kit.

Revitalize your skin with this amazing kit! Packed with powerful, clinically effective ingredients such as turmeric and marine collagen, the full-sized serum and anti-aging balm work together to hydrate, brighten, and plump your skin, leaving it clearer and more radiant.

Turmeric Dark Spot Corrector Serum

Combining the strengths of a super root, turmeric, into a bottle. Clinically proven to improve dark spots and even skin tone, while being gentle on the skin. 

Cleo Wrinkle Collagen Moisture Balm

Formulates with three types of collagen complexes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it looking plump and youthful with a dewy finish. With continued use, it also improves skin firmness in just two weeks.

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Recommended For

All skin type

Scientifically Developed Ingredients

Turmeric Dark Spot Corrector Serum: Curcuma longa extract (Turmeric), Olive oil, Sodium polyacrylate

Cleo Wrinkle Collagen Moisture Balm: Salmon DNA, Avocado, Glycerin, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil


1. Apply 2- 3 drops of Turmeric Dark Spot Corrector Serum onto cleansed and toned face, gently tapping until fully absorbed.

2. Simple glide Cleo Wrinkle Collagen Moisture Balm over wrinkled area as the next step before your sunscreen.

Product Details

Turmeric Dark Spot Corrector Serum: 1.05 fl. oz / 30ml

Cleo Wrinkle Collagen Moisture Balm: 0.25 fl. oz / 7g

Shelf life: 3 years

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The Glo7 Difference

Proven Science, Pure Ingredients

Our science-based skincare line are committed to creating products that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good.

Our products are formulated with carefully selected natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to deliver real results, unlike other brands that rely on empty promises and flashy marketing.

And the best part? Our premium products are priced affordably, so you can treat your skin to the luxury it deserves without breaking the bank.

Try us today and see the difference for yourself!

  • Hannah Ware

    "It's transforming my skin to wrinkle-free and non-crinkly."

  • Becky Sanrner

    "I've seen so much improvement in my skin texture."

  • Winnie M.

    "I personally saw dark spot reduction in 1 week. My skin has gotten so much healthier."

  • Jessica B.

    "This sunscreen is super moisturizing and doesn't leave a white cast."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Glo7 products?

At the moment, Glo7 is exclusively an online skincare brand. To discover our products and make a purchase, please visit

Does Glo7 use natural ingredients?

As a science-backed skincare brand, Glo7 uses a combination of natural and lab-created ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective for your skin. By eliminating harmful and toxic components, we ensure our products are "clean" and safe for use on your skin.

Where are Glo7 products made?

We take pride in using ethically sourced ingredients from all over the world, while our products are thoughtfully crafted in the United States.

Does Glo7 products work with all skin types?

At Glo7, we address all concerns with scientifically-backed data. Our products undergo clinical testing to ensure both their safety and effectiveness, making them compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Are Glo7 products cruelty-free?

We at our company refrain from conducting any product or ingredient testing on animals, nor do we involve any third-party entities to conduct such tests on our behalf. Instead, all our testing is carried out solely on willing human participants.